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Words cannot even describe how satisfied I am with John and his wife Monika. We met with many photographers prior to eventually meeting them and we were happy that we did. They very social, positive, creative and outgoing. They know their business and photography is something they both experienced from different perspectives. They took any shot I asked them to take and got them with no questions asked. My family and friends were so happy with them as well. My dad was very impressed with the way John got into those difficult spots in order to get the important shots. Stop looking and comparing packages and websites. You did your part. You just found your BEST wedding photographers you can find. Trust me and you will be glad you did :) - Sophie 04/25/2015


Vendor worth recommending! We hired them for our destination wedding and they did an amazing job. It's hard to choose which pictures to pick for our wedding album - there are so many good ones. We decided to add the video part about 2 weeks prior to the wedding day. They were accommodating and made it happen. We were so happy we did because we end up watching our 6 minute wedding video over and over again. It's cute, short and sweet and it was so affordable! I can't believe we only paid an additional $500 to get this video service filmed, edited and delivered to us within 2 months from the wedding date. What a steal! You will regret not getting the video and you will save a lot of money by getting it with this vendor. - John 09/23/2016


If you are looking for wedding photographer you just found one.Monika is unbelievable takented.I have nothing but wonderful compliments on our weeding pictures. She was calm and patient with all my guests, and with me,as I was struck with wedding-day nerves.Monica's professionalism,skill,and artistic eye were all deeply appreciated. - Aggie 08/27/2016


You need a great photography team to capture your perfect day! You want to remember it forever and those beautiful photos are going to help you with that. We made a huge afford while searching for a photographer for our wedding day. We were turned off by a lot of things with other photographers. It seems that there are a lot of competitors our there in the wedding photography business. However, when you really try to find the perfect one, the one that meets your criteria, is experienced and pleasant to be around, you start to realize that there is not that many of them out there after all. Make sure your photographers are actually FULL TIME photographers, not just some people, who have another profession and just do weddings as a weekend job to make some extra money. Monika and John have been full time photographers for many years. They are world travelers, sophisticated, polite and entertaining people, who know how to talk to anyone and everyone. Believe me it is important because your photographers are going to be there all day long, interacting with a lot of your family members and friends. Pictures turned out like they were meant to be printed in a magazine! I am very impressed with the service this vendor provided to us and I will be recommending them in the future. - Sawek 08/26/2016


Monika was very flexible and easy to work with. She went above and beyond as we had many requirements due to the large size of our family and everyone having to be included in the photos. Also, the quality of photos can't get any better! We are struggling to decide on which photos to include in an album as almost every shot she took was perfect. We did a lot of research before choosing a photographer for our wedding, and the quality and services for the price was easily the best we found. 6 months down the line and we are still in touch with Monika... Very customer oriented organization.We wouldn't have had it any other way. It was meant to be as Monika said. Loved every bit of it. - Youssra 05/14/2016


This team rocks. They are professional, on time and provide great results. Well organized, well dressed and polite. I was very impressed because it was my wife, who chose them so I wasn’t sure what to expect. They captured every singe moment of our wedding day, every moment, believe me :) We will forever be able to look back at those photos and enjoy that day again and again. I strongly recommend them. You don’t have to look any further. - Private User


I married my best friend and our wedding day was the most important moment of our life. It was captured by Monika and I am so glad it was! She made me feel and look so beautiful. I couldn’t ask for better memories from our wedding. We had an engagement photo shoot added to our package and these pictures were great for our Save the Date cards. Also I would like to thank Monika for taking the time out of her busy schedule to help me pick out the right outfit for that shoot. Monika made sure we were all happy on our Wedding Day and with our photos. She is the greatest! Thank you Dear! We will be in touch for other shoots! - Katie 03/05/2016


We were very pleased with how our wedding pictures came out. Monika put together a slideshow for us, which was not in the agreement and she didn’t have to do that. It was a nice surprise which put smiles on our faces. Overall, we feel very grateful for having Monika John Photography with us on our wedding day. Their professionalism and the experience they have are noticeable and the results speak for themselves. - Private User


You will find the best photographers at Art Group. They are professionals, not just people, who pick up the camera over the weekends and treat wedding photography as a hobby and an extra income. Our engagement pictures were amazing!!! Art Group always had time for me when I wanted to ask them a question. That is very important. They replied within 24 hours. I strongly recommend them! - Elbieta 02/26/2016


Our wedding was during the winter so we didn’t have much of the natural day light available. However, the photos turned our flawless, low light was not a problem for Monika and John. I cannot thank them enough. They are definitely a company to trust when it comes to your special, big day! - Kate 01/30/2016


I am so thankful for Monika that she did everything what she promised. Her personality and knowledge kept us all entertained, happy and calm. The wedding is one of the most important days of your life. I was so glad that Monika was there for me to photograph my special day. She captured every moment perfectly. Thank You so much!!! - Magdalena 01/23/2016


Monika John Photography was an amazing vendor to work with. Our personal photographer was John and he did an amazing job. By the end of our wedding we felt like our photographer was a part of the family. He captured everything perfectly! We fell in love with the story he created with the photos, it was almost like a fashion story from a magazine. We did a lot of shopping around for a wedding photographer and in our opinion no one compares to this company. - Agnes 01/16/2016


Great photography! Thank you so much! Definitely worth recommending. - Renee 01/12/2016


Art Group (John and Monika) were great to work with! They are so laid back and are willing to work with you to fit your needs (for instance, I inquired how much it would cost to do an engagement shoot which was not included in the price, and John said no problem and did it without a fee- and he shot it in January outside in the freezing cold!) If you are looking for a non-invasive, low-key photographer (meaning they don't pull you away from family/friends mid-conversation to get a shot and you barely know they are there all day) this is the way to go. Not many planned, posed pictures, but more a style that captures true moments of joy and feelings which is so different than most photographers (and beautiful!) My wedding package did not include an album, but when I won an album from The Knot John was able to put my pictures ahead of other couples and have them ready within 1month of the wedding. - Private User


Words cannot even describe how satisfied I am with John and his wife Monika. We met with many photographers prior to eventually meeting them and we were happy that we did. They very social, positive, creative and outgoing. They know their business and photography is something they both experienced from different perspectives. They took any shot I asked them to take and got them with no questions asked. My family and friends were so happy with them as well. My dad was very impressed with the way John got into those difficult spots in order to get the important shots. Stop looking and comparing packages and websites. You did your part. You just found your BEST wedding photographers you can find. Trust me and you will be glad you did :) - Sophie 04/25/2015


Monika and John were awesome, professional and on time! They captured our wedding day perfectly! A picture is worth more than a thousands words - it’s true. When we look through the wedding photographs it is like it is happening all over again! They did not miss a moment! We loved working with them throughout the whole process! You will love them too! - Sarah 04/11/2015


Monika John Photography is great! We ended up with hundreds of photos that we absolutely LOVE! They have an eye for detail and take the most beautiful pictures. I especially like the fact that many pictures were taken when I had no idea that the photographers were taking them. They captured all of our special moments. We will use them for different photography needs. We know that we can trust them and that the results will be worth all the money. - Sandra 03/28/2015


I have been very impressed with Monika and John’s work from the day we met them. When I was searching for a wedding photographer I knew I wanted beautiful, artistic pictures to remember our day forever. It was so important to me that it took me a long time to find the right vendor. I immediately fell in love with Monika John photography. I was so relieved to find out that we actually could afford them. I stopped my research when I found them. You will be very happy with them, I am sure about that. - Alice 03/21/2015


From the first phone call to the final product, the Art Group Team was fantastic. We worked with Monika and John. They were really helpful with figuring out the best package to fit our budget and needs. It was great to have a chance to do the engagement photo shoot before the wedding. The photos turned out perfect for the save the date cards. Our wedding was a large one but they managed to capture all the moments. It seemed like their cameras were everywhere! We received almost 1000 pictures, all retouched and ready to be printed and shared. The online gallery that they upload the pictures to is very easy to use and a lot of our guests got some very nice prints from them. We started our marriage with amazing pictures from Art Group. Thank you very much!!! - Michael 03/14/2015


My best girlfriend had Art Group photographers at her wedding and I loved her pictures. I had to have them for my wedding. They are truly fantastic, very experienced photographers with a huge portfolio of ideas. They are extremely adaptable to unpredictable situations. It was snowing on my wedding day but they didn’t panic. They helped me stay calm and assured me that we will make it work. At the end they did an amazing job on our wedding pictures. We are extremely happy and glad that we had them. My cousin is going to have them for her wedding soon. I can’t wait to see het photos. - Private User


We had the most amazing wedding and Monika’s work and personality in one word spectacular! My husband and I took our engagement pictures in one of the hottest days of the summer. We were sweating a lot but she still captured so many beautiful pictures ( or did a lot of retouching :) I knew when it came to the wedding day that I could trust her judgement to get fabulous shots. My husband doesn’t like being photographed and is rather shy but for some reason he was comfortable with Monika. She is extremely professional but still funny and relaxed! All the guests were impressed with her! Her work is very unique and creative. She has a personality that makes you smile! You should book her now! My husband and I loved her so much that we are going to use her for our future photography needs! We can't wait to work with her again. God Bless! - Kate 02/14/2015


I knew that selecting a photographer for my special day would be one of the most difficult parts of the wedding planning process and it was until I stumbled upon Monika and John photography. Their packages are great and their pricing is unbelievable! Working with them was so easy and fun. They truly made the process run very smoothly ( maybe because they are husband and wife :) They are skilled in making someone feel special. I love being organized so I was extremely happy that they had no problem with me giving them a detailed photo list that I wanted to get done. They make sure that the photography style you like is achieved and it should be because it's your one and only , dreamed about wedding day! And we couldn't be happier with the end results! Look no further for the photographers for your big day, you just found them ! - Rachael 02/07/2015


Monika and John did absolutely amazing job on our wedding day. They were professional and friendly and they made us feel comfortable and really knew their business. They did everything perfectly and we were really blown away by the quality of pictures. Additionally, they are just great people to hang out with and it was wonderful to have such a lovely couple to work with for the entire 10 yours that they stayed with us. The photos were of excellent quality. We definitely recommend this vendor for your big day! - Klaudia 01/24/2015


My daughter couldn’t be happier with her wedding photos and I have to say that I am very impressed with them as well. They are sophisticated but modern, classic but not boring, beautiful but not retouched too much. They are special treasures ready to be printed. Monika and John put my daughter’s wedding photos online so the entire family and friends could view them within a month from the ceremony. It was a really great idea. We loved the photos so much that we ordered large canvas prints almost right away. We gave one of them to my mother, who couldn't make it to the wedding. It was a great gift! From a parent’s perspective the money spent on the wedding photography was totally worth it. You will cherish those pictures for a long time and I am sure you will love them because Monika and John are experts at wedding photography. - Helen 01/24/2015


We found this vendor at a local bridal show in Atlantic City and I have to say that we instantly fell in love with their work. Most of our wedding planning was done and we still needed a photographer. Monika and John were wonderful, helpful throughout the whole process and made everything go smoothly. They were available through email but we had many phone conservations as well. They are professional and our guests raved about how much fun they were! My friend is booking them for her upcoming wedding. They are creative photographers and we would recommend them to anyone. - Sylvia 01/17/2015


John & Monika are Professionals from the Fashion Industry so they know about Composition and Form. Our photos and our video were way above ordinary compared to our friend's Wedding photos. You can't go wrong with this level of expertise and experience. Good looking couple as well - made our guests and family feel very sophisticated. With all that goes on while planning a Wedding, this decision turned out to be a great one! Highly Recommended! Of course Anna agrees with me - she was thrilled. To be photographed by a top fashion team, really made her feel special - and she's worth the price! Thanks Monika & John! Will certainly recommend you to our friends & family! - Stephen 11/09/2014


We are so happy with the pictures from our wedding that we just have to write this review. Monika and John were recommended to us by our friend. We live in NY but most of our families live in Europe so we decided to have the wedding over there. Monika is from Europe and John has traveled there multiple of time s on his fashion shoot. I knew they were the right team for us when we talked to them for the first time and I went with my gut feeling. And I was right. They came to Germany for a week instead of just 3 days as the contract required them to do. They scouted out the venue ahead of time and on the wedding day they spent more than 12 hours with us (smiling the whole time). Our families, friends, and wedding party had nothing but good things to say about Monika and John. It looks like I will be recommending them to my friends as well. Also, they have online contract/payment system which was much more sophisticated and modern than other vendors I worked with.They photos were out of this world. They were magazine quality. If you get to work with them you will not be disappointed ! They are the best ! - Charles 11/01/2014


My husband Dan and I knew we had great photographers the minute we saw our engagement shoot ! The wedding photos were even better. Monika and John were everywhere during our wedding. They were so nice as people. The most important thing was the quality of the images. When we show other married couples our wedding photos they are blown away. They all say that we were lucky to hire Monika and John and wish that they had known about them for their own wedding. Sometimes its good to be lucky ! Thank you again for the great wonderful images ! XO - Sherry 10/18/2014


It was a pleasure to work with Monika and John. Since we first met with them on Skype I could feel the connection to the both of them. Monika is super sweet and John is very polite with everyone . The most important information that I could every say on a review is the following......They are super talented photographers ! The images that we received were BEYOND MAGICAL ! It was a dream wedding that we had and we are so happy that we hired Monika and John . They are true pros ! - Brindice 10/11/2014


All I can say about Monika and John is that everything went perfect ! The photos were simply the best ! They were super nice as well ! I am so happy I chose them ! - Sandra 09/27/2014


I am so happy that I chose Monika and John as my wedding photography team. They were both so great both as people and photographers. The images they captured were beyond beautiful. They helped make my special day last forever. I am sure there are those of you who might be looking for a wedding photographer. All I can say to is that they are true photographers with real talent. My wedding photos compared to my sisters are like night and day. I think all of the experience they gained in the fashion world makes them a bit more polished than everyone else out there. And they are polite and really nice people too! - Tina 09/20/2014


Monika and John were dream photographers ! The photos were absolutely incredible! I never thought that the photos would look so special. I was so happy with the photos that I look at them almost everyday. The best thing about them are that they are so nice and easy to work with. They made every phase of the wedding easy and relaxed. Most of the time we never knew that they were there. I would encourage anyone to hire Monika and John. They will surprise you with the best photos you ever had ! - Lori 09/13/2014


John took excellent photographs! The posed photos turned out beautiful and the impromptu wedding party shots were great! Thanks to Monica for handling the administrative end. The day went smoothly... very professional. Thanks very much, Joe and Isabel. - Joe & Isabel


Words cannot describe my satisfaction with this vendor's work! We did engagement photos, wedding photos and a wedding video with them. They showed up on time and were professional in every way. They took every shot we requested and guided us on shots that were so amazing! They are quick to respond to all correspondences and answer every question you might have. Monika and John really know how to capture the moment and bring your wedding to life both on film and paper! - Katie 08/02/2014


The best choice I could have made was hiring Monika and John ! The photos were fantastic and the service was excellent . The were like having the dream team. I hope someone who reads this gets the chance to work with them . Congrats ! - Cathy 06/13/2014


I have nothing but positive comments about this vendor. They knew their field very well and knew exactly what shots would work to produce amazing photos. Why was is important? Because it was raining on our wedding day, something we didn't anticipate or desire obviously. However, Monika and John reassured me that the photos are still going to be beautiful no matter what and they were. We have close to a thousand stunning shots to choose from. It's really amazing how they managed to do that. Please don't hesitate to book here. Their service was simply outstanding! - Zachary 03/23/2014


We had two photographers at our wedding and they were fantastic! Great personalities and beautiful pictures. The price was great considering how much experience they have in the photography industry. They were always available through phone or email but they are very busty so we waited for our photos 8 weeks. I know that in the wedding photography it's not that much but my wife was so anxious to see them that it felt like it took longer :) This is a great company who I am happy to recommend. - Robert 01/11/2014


Our wedding photos and the video was everything we ever dreamed it would be! We have the Art Group photographers to thank for capturing those special memories for us! We appreciate your dedication, hard work and being so patient with us. We are recommending you to everyone who is getting married soon! - Private User


We originally met Monika and John at my friend’s wedding. We liked the way they worked, we talked to them briefly right there and they looked very organized and professional - that was important to us. We called them to book them for our wedding the day we saw my friend’s wedding pictures. They were absolutely amazing! I was there at that wedding and I have no idea how they got some of the shoot they did. We were very impressed! Their work is incredible and you can tell they are enjoying what they are doing. They were fantastic at our wedding as well and they stayed over their contracted time commitment. We LOVE, love, Love our photos! We would highly recommend using this vendor! - Private User


We had Monika and John for our wedding photographers. They were very friendly, professional and happy the entire time. They made the wedding day and night go by with a breeze. We were laughing with them throughout the day. They made us feel very comfortable and the photos turned out absolutely beautiful. My wife was so happy with them. We are still in touch and we are going to use them in the future for other photography needs. - Private User


The dedication, hard work and effort - this is what describes Monika John Photography. Those characteristics are very appreciated. The happy customers are the most important for them. I received so many compliments and nothing but great comments about my wedding photos. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much! - Private User


We hired Monika and John for our wedding and they did amazing job. I love the wedding album, there are the best photos. Great people to work with. They utilized the time to take a picture of every single detail and decoration. Fantastic pictures. Pictures will last for lifetime. They need to be done right! - W Lodek


We hired Monika and John for our wedding and we were so happy that we did! Amazing Job - that is exactly what they did. Our bridal party was very big but they still manage to make it work. I love the wedding album that we made out of the best photos. Great memories, great people to work with. They utilized the time to take a picture of every single detail and decoration. I am so grateful to have all these pictures now because I forgot a lot of the details from my wedding day already. Pictures will last a lifetime. They need to be done right! - Anna 09/14/2008


We are very satisfied and happy with Monika John. We had a theme wedding, so we were pleasantly surprised that the Monika and John came dressed up in a theme related outfits. It was very tasteful and we felt like they blended in more and we were touched that they spent some time and money preparing for our wedding. They did an absolutely amazing job from the moment we spoke with them on Skype to almost a year later when our Big Day finally arrived. We would DEFINITELY recommend them to other couples! - Justyna 06/23/2007


Where should I begin - our photographer Monika was amazing for our engagement session and the wedding day. We received our engagement photos within a couple of days. She kept us on schedule the day of the wedding. I was at ease knowing that she had everything under control. She made us feel very comfortable. The pictures turned out great. I would definitely recommend this vendor to everyone. I'm so glad I booked Monika John Photography! - Private User


We loved using Monika John Photography! They were the first and only photo company we met with. Monika was so kind and helpful and seemed interested in our style and preferences. John was so cool and fun and really made us feel comfortable. Our guests have commented on how awesome and fun our photographers were and we agree with them. We just had our wedding in January and we received all the pictures retouched by the end of February. Now I wish I had chosen the short and sweet video set to a song that they offer. My girlfriend, who is getting married next year is planning on using their services because of our experience and she is definitely getting the video. - Paulina 07/21/2007